I enjoy being able to share what I've learned and push the boundaries of my own knowledge. I've produced several courses for and I'm currently working on a new one for Drop me a line if you have any feedback or requests for course content.

Advanced Bash automation for web developers

This a follow-up to my previous Bash course. In this course, we’ll dive deep into the automation potential of bash. You’ll learn to leverage common hooks that open up interesting automation possibilities, like git hooks, adding functions and aliases in your bash_profile, and running scheduled jobs in launchd.

Automate daily development tasks with Bash

Bash was a technology that I interacted with daily but never really understood. One day, I decided to change that and spent months digging deep into learning how to leverage it in my daily development tasks. I assembled the most useful things I learned into a course that covers interacting with the filesystem, grep, curl, and more.

Build a desktop application with Electron

In this course, you'll learn the core concepts of Electron required to build a native desktop app for macOS and Windows. I go over everything from creating native menus and dialogs, understanding Electron's main and renderer process architecture, to packaging and distributing your app. Electron is a super fun technology to work with.