About me

Cameron Nokes

I’ve been doing front-end development professionally since 2012 (I started doing web development at a job as a student in 2011). That’s been my career ever since I graduated from BYU, where I majored in Psychology.

When I started my first job, I knew some HTML and CSS and some UI design. In those days, it was tough doing whole layouts with floats, commenting out whitespace in HTML between inline-block elements (if you didn’t, the browser rendered it differently), and making anything look right in IE 7. I didn’t know what version control was at all (my first job used Mercurial) and it took me awhile to understand it. I didn’t know JavaScript or anything about programming outside of HTML and CSS. So I’ve been teaching myself as I go ever since.

I live and work in Utah with my wife and 4 kids. In my spare time, I mostly just clean up and watch TV but I also play keyboard in a band.

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